The Audition Is A Date, Darling

When you audition for schools (or anything, for that matter), you're simply dating. You've done your hair, gotten all spiffy and are in a great frame of mind to start a long-term relationship.

That's right, we're dating for a long-term relationship here! If you're not ready to commit to a long-term relationship with actor training, maybe this isn't the right step for you right now.

So how does one find a long term partner? Well, it helps to know yourself and know what you need. Sometimes we don't always know what we need, though, and that's okay too. Know your love languages, your attachment types, maybe even your Myers-Briggs personality type. Perhaps you've gone to therapy to work through the issues you have with your parents and unhealthy emotional habits you've acquired. (PSA: Go to therapy! Especially if you're going to go to grad school!)

Then, you get on the apps, you swipe and swipe. Maybe you begin speaking with someone and maybe even decide to go on a date with them.

In an audition, you are the person on the date who's talking more. There's an agreed upon structure: your date (the faculty/casting director) arrive first at a place they've chosen (sometimes their "turf", sometimes not), and you are to arrive second to the place that they have chosen. They've essentially done the legwork of figuring out what restaurant you're going to and when you'll be meeting one another. That's great! That stuff can be super nerve-wracking. No need to worry about any dietary restrictions of theirs.

Ok, so now all you have to do is open up and be vulnerable. But not in a needy, desperate way, ya know? Just be your emotionally healthy, self-aware self!

Now you've done your pieces, you walk on out and what can you do to make sure you get a second date? First, assess for yourself. Did you like the vibe? Are they people you'd want to explore going further with? Were you trying to impress them? Are you yourself? Do you like yourself when you're speaking with them? What does your gut tell you? When you leave their presence, do you like yourself? Are you very anxious after leaving their presence and unsure if they like you or not for the next few days? Or do you carry on with your life and when they call it's a lovely surprise?

Not feeling it? Ok cool, move on. Yes? Sweet, so maybe the next day send a little email saying thanks and you liked the vibe. Everyone wants to be wanted.

From there, it's time to wait. Hopefully they like you too and want to move forward with a relationship. If they don't, that's ok! Who wants to be in a relationship that isn't mutual anyways? That's no fun. If you're still thinking about them a year later, try again. Sometimes it's all about timing. They weren't ready for you, you weren't ready for them. You'll have hopefully grown and changed in the past year that could make them more (or even less) desirable to you or you to them.

At the end of the day, you can't make someone want you. You can only accept and love yourself first. Whatever energy that self-love and acceptance exudes, now that's infectious.

All the love,


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