MFA Auditions 2016: Part 2: Yale Drama Callback #1

Let’s dive right in!

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After the callback list went up, the blonde woman and I were ushered back to the same room I’d auditioned in. We went in reverse alphabetical order, so I was the first to go this time.

When I walked in, the room felt more easeful. There was already a certain level of success I’d obtained, so my confidence was up. I said hi to Ron and Walton, both had lovely, smiling faces. Ron said that my B-Team showed more of who I am and that we would like me to do those for him and Walton.

What a treat that Ron was already teaching me! The knowledge of those two pieces being much more truthful to me and who I am as a person would carry me through the next three grad school auditions I had this season. I’m so grateful for Ron’s advice and natural sensitivity to my essence.

Looking back, and now having worked with Ron at Columbia, I’m guessing he also saw that I tend to warm-up into things (and now, thanks to a particularly rough day in class with him, I no longer do that). He saw how those second pieces enlivened the true me more, rather than doing what I thought I should or what I thought would get me in.

I struggled to keep it fresh with the Joan la Pucelle piece, as I was thinking about keeping it new. I remember playing, which is always a plus. I think the fact that I was aiming not to just copy what I’d done before helped me. I didn’t have the technical skills to know how to fully do that yet, but I was on the right track. Years later, I know that all I needed to do was be in a constant state of discovery while pursuing an action. To surprise myself and not direct anything.

Both pieces went well on the whole and I had fun with my contemporary. Ron even chuckled at one part that he hadn’t chuckled at the first time.

Oh and guess what? You better believe I looked up the author’s name the second I got out of the audition room the first time. So when I slated that contemporary piece for them with the author’s name, I did a little celebratory fist pump thing. I suppose that showed personality :)

I have here in my notes that ,“I totally forgot to pursue something in both pieces. So next time, know what I’m after automatically and remember to see that person. What do I want? Go get it – pursue it!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Good for me!

Also, another quote from the notes, “I peed before going in. But I should have gotten a sip of water too”. Wise words for us all. Sometimes we forget the most basic of human functions under stress.

After these “end of hour callbacks”, we were told to go away and come back at the end of morning session, around noon, to see if our names were on the next and final list of the day.

I stepped out of the building, super proud of myself and happy. I went around the corner to sit down and have a little bite. They collected my phone number when I left in case I needed to come back for something or got lost. I called my dad, my sister and texted my coach to let them know what was up.

When it was time, I went back to Yale to await the next list…

Will I make it to the final callback session of the day? Find out in the next post…

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