Blog Grand Re-Opening!

Hello dear friends. It's been quite a while. You may have searched for this blog in the spring of 2020 around mid-late March while waiting on acceptance calls and wondered where it went. Well, it disappeared. My blog disappeared one day and I didn't catch the issue soon enough for WordPress and whatever else I was using to provide me with a backup. Without getting too much into the deep WordPress technical stuff (that I don't even fully understand), that's pretty much the story.

Originally I started this blog on WordPress and Bluehost because I wanted to totally customize the site and learn some coding while offering up all this advice I had to share. But, alas, some things are not meant to be. So I returned to my trusted Wix, which hosts my actor website and voila! I once again have risen form the ashes of break tags and colors spelled with letters.

Through the magic of the Internet Archive, I was able to salvage about half of my posts. Unfortunately, the ones about the 2018 UCSD, Columbia, Old Globe/USD auditions and my NYU, Columbia and USC final callbacks have all been lost. However, I will, in time get these back up in very simple form as I jog my memory. Note to self - always backup in a Word doc. Always.

I'll also have accounts of the first three years of auditioning up soon as well, so look out for those!

I have to say, it was super frustrating finding out everything was gone, as I'd put a ton of love and time into the old version of this blog. Seeing that little view counter at the bottom of the page go over 7,000 was thrilling because I knew the blog was helping a lot of people. Most of all, to everyone who came up to me at Columbia's auditions this year and last mentioning the blog and how it helped you: Thank you. To everyone who has sent me an Instagram DM or an email asking for a little extra advice because you don't know anyone who has gone through this process or is at any of these programs: Thank you. Hearing that feedback has been awesome and I'm thrilled that this blog has done and will continue to do what it was meant to. So let's keep on chugging!

In the meantime, as we get closer to this year's auditions, check out the Coaching page on my actor website and Contact Me about coaching! Rates are quite reasonable and there's a sliding scale for actors from underserved communities.

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