Hi, My Name Is Brigitte and My First Piece Is From My Blog

Raise your hand if you’re reading this blog to do a little comparing? Be honest…yeah? That’s ok! In one respect, that’s what it’s here for. But more importantly, it’s here so you can know that you’re not going through this alone.


Applying and auditioning for acting school, let alone an MFA in Acting, is an emotionally tolling process. It’s you that they want or don’t want. Not your acting: you. As you are right here and now. It’s personal. I get it. I went through it 4 times.


*record scratch* what? 4 times?!? Yes. 4. What can I say, I don’t give up. I learned a hell of a lot about myself, the schools, this process and so much more throughout those 4 years. And I’ll talk about all that in my posts. From detailed audition and callback experiences, to advice on monologues and nerves, I've got you.


So here I am and here you are. Take my hand, I’ll guide you. It will all be ok.


Brigitte (Columbia MFA Acting, 2022)

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