TRSF Miranda.jpg

Who? Me?!?

Oh! Hello! Would you like to know something about the person who’s writing this little blog? Well you’re in luck, because I just so happen to be at my computer right now!


Let’s see, I’m an actor. I prefer ‘actor’ to ‘actress’. After all, you don’t call a female doctor a ‘doctress’, do ya? I'm currently pursuing my M.F.A. in Acting at Columbia University (Class of 2021).


I’m an Aries and I agree with 73% of what’s generally said about Arieses (Ari? Aree? Arus?). I’m in a Randy Newman phase at the moment when it comes to music. His tunes are so comfortable, like that crimson fleece blanket that I let my ex keep when he moved to California. As if he needs a blanket is San Diego. You have the sun! Never mind that it was the only thing I’d ever won in my life…


Anyways. I was born in Virginia, outside of D.C., and I came to New York for my B.F.A. in Acting at Pace University and stayed. I worked at NBC for about 5 years before quitting to return to acting. I don’t like olives except this one specific kind, of which I don’t remember the name.


I have a sister named Margaux and she’s a Master Composter in California. My dad, Roger, is a coin expert, or numismatist, for those in need of a good word of the day. My mom, Cari, worked for the Inspector General, but passed away from ALS in 2015 – prompting this whole getting back into acting thing. More on my former civilian life and transition back to acting later, so stay tuned!


Oh and that photo is of me playing Miranda in The Tempest at Toms River Shakespeare Festival in the summer of 2017. I had a blast.